Plastic Injection molded pet platter

2016 Family Choice Award Winner

Congratulations to Our Pet Project LLC on winning the 2016 Family Choice award in the pet product category!

The Mine Pet Platter provides a natural way for dogs and cats to eat.

  • The patented Mine Pet Platter design encourages dogs and cats to unleash instinctive, healthier eating behaviors while engaging their minds in a way that is both entertaining and psychologically rewarding.
  • Indentations, crevices and curves encourage licking, tracking, foraging and other natural stimulating feeding behaviors.
  • The mine Pet Platter’s floor-level position allows for 360-degree views and movement providing complete meal control. It also promotes a relaxed stance, essential for proper digestion and maximum enjoyment.
  • The mine Pet Platter promotes a healthy pace of eating without any projectiles or barriers that can cause frustration, injury, or unhealthy food relationships.
  • The mine Pet Platter can be used with any type of pet meals and treats including dry, canned, raw, refrigerated, and home cooked! It is knife and utensil safe so it can be used during the preparation of pet meals.
Plastic Injection molded pet platter

Mine Pet Platter: 2016 Family Choice Award Winner


One of the best parts about the Mine Pet Platter is that it is also made right in the United States. The platter is plastic injection molded with THRIVE™ material that is completely manufactured in the U.S. Elite Mold & Engineering and Our Pet Project LLC worked together to help bring their product to market. Elite was able to provide both a mold flow analysis and design for manufacturing report to help ensure that platter was built to be easily manufactured. Using Elite’s in-house tooling capabilities we were able to construct a class 104 plastic injection mold that can fulfill low production needs during the product launch.

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