We Specialize in Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Elite Mold & Engineering, located in Southeast Michigan, was originally founded in 1982. Elite is a custom plastic injection molding company. Our core strength is building high quality plastic injection molds for prototype and low-volume jobs. Elite offers all the services needed for custom injection molded plastics. We are able to beat out the competition by providing faster lead times for quality molds at a low cost.

Engineering & Product Development

One of our core competencies is assisting our customers with plastic injection mold and part design. As a result of providing design for manufacturing assistance we can ensure our customers part is built to be injection molded. With our injection molding knowledge we are able to asses a design and give our  customers feedback on how well the part is designed for manufacturing. We specialize in low volume and prototype jobs so we have the expertise in advanced product development. We can provide rapid prototype services to quickly develop parts. Mold design is crucial to providing quality plastic parts, and we can make sure to design the perfect mold for your part.

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Building Injection Molds

When Elite Mold & Engineering originally began in 1982 we set a goal to be the best at building plastic injection molds. Still today we are recognized as one the best companies at providing plastic injection molds. Our core competency is building custom plastic injection molds for low-volume and prototype jobs. We excel above the competition when it comes to prototype tooling. Our competitors can not provide the same quality and speed for the same price we offer. Elite has focused on custom injection molded plastics for years and we excel at building custom molds.

Through many years of experience we have established our selves as one of the top mold builders for soft steel and aluminum molds. Since we specialize in class 105 and 104 mold construction our lead time are shorter than our competitors. Elite has in-house mold construction, and also utilizes global tooling sources to help provide lowest cost possible.

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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Our molding department focuses on  low-volume and prototype jobs. Since we have our own tryout presses, we can provide sample parts right away without taking time from production presses. As a result we don’t have to mix our short-run molding jobs with production. Which allows us to save you time and money on piece price. We supply custom plastic injection molding services for plastic parts fitting in a 35 to 400 ton press range.  Additionally Elite offers a variety of different value added services to ensure complete prototype parts. Also, for any production needs our Sister company Elite Plastic Products is able to fulfill any high/medium volume molding and tooling needs.

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