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Additive Manufacturing Process


Elite provides state of the art additive manufacturing services utilizing Carbon DLS Technology™.

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ , is the photochemical process that uses both light and oxygen to build parts. DLS™ works by projecting UV images generated by a digital light projector, through an oxygen-permeable window in a reservoir of UV curable resin.


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M2 Printer

Carbon M2 Specs

Carbon DLS offers great part quality and detail, but with 3D printing there are features that must be met.

  • Build Layer – Standard (100 micron); On request (50 micron and 25 micron)
  • Tolerances – (+/- .5 thousandth)
  • Minimum Wall Thickness – (1 mm)
  • Finishes – Standard finish with support removal and basic surface sanding (Custom finishing available)
  • Lead Time – Anywhere between 3-5 days


Tell us about your project and vision.


We plan and budget with your input at the forefront.


We execute and make your vision a reality.
DLS Additive Manufacturing Curing & Baking Process
Carbon M2 Printer Build Size Visual
Carbon M2 Printer Build Size Visual

Turning A Concept into a Product

By utilizing additive manufacturing services you can produce a tangible item to touch, feel, test, and show off to your prospective clients or manager. One of the hardest steps when getting a new product developed is proving that your design can fulfill the need it is designed for. With additive manufacturing, you can now use your sample as proof of concept and illustrate firsthand the advantages of your design. 


Economic Advantages 

There are many advantages to utilizing additive manufacturing, below are just a few of the different ways Elite’s serivces can help you. 

Cost Effective

3D printing can come at a much lower starting cost than buying a traditional injection mold

On Demand

Eliminate warehousing
inventory needs.

Quick Turnaround 

Have samples in-hand right away to meet stringent deadlines. 

Rapid Functional Prototypes

Reduce product
development time and
shorten time-to-market

Below is the list of materials we are offering. If you click the description of the material you are interested in, it will then load the TDS to look more in-depth at the specific properties each material has. 

Contact Elite Additive Manufacturing for any of your additive manufacturing needs and turn your concept into a reality.

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