• prototype mold setup in a press

    Plastic Injection Mold Classification

    When deciding what tooling source to use for your plastic injection molding project it is very important to figure out the mold class you are being quoted.  Mold classes offer a variety of different advantages. Some of the variables that can change with different mold classifications are: pricing, mold life,…

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  • Plastic Injection molded pet platter

    2016 Family Choice Award Winner

    Congratulations to Our Pet Project LLC on winning the 2016 Family Choice award in the pet product category! The Mine Pet Platter provides a natural way for dogs and cats to eat. The patented Mine Pet Platter design encourages dogs and cats to unleash instinctive, healthier eating behaviors while engaging their minds in…

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  • Plastic Injection Molding Glossary

    Plastic Injection Molding Glossary

    Plastic Injection Molding Glossary   Blow Molding – A technique in which plastic is forced to take on the shape of a mold cavity by way of a hollow plastic tube applying internal pressure with air. This is not a service offered by Elite. Blushing – The whitening of plastic…

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  • Plastic Parts Gallery

    Automotive Plastic Parts Automotive steering wheel front cover Automotive shifter knob Automotive chrome shifter knob Automotive instrument cluster housing Automotive instrument cluster mask Overhead console Automotive shifter handle Automotive shifter handle front Automotive Handle Medical Devices Medical Device monitor Medical Device plastic threaded cannula screw Medical Device housing and tubes…

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