Plastic Injection Molding Services

Engineering & Product Development

Our engineering department provides product development support for customers. Elite’s goal is to develop a perfect injection mold with fast production cycle time and low piece price. By utilizing our design for manufacturing knowledge we can give recommendations on slight changes to design that can result in large cost savings. This way our customers will know that their plastic part is built for manufacturing efficiency.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Services | 3D Model | CAD Design

Injection Molds

Elite builds quality plastic injection molds for prototype and low volume projects. We provide our molds in the fastest possible lead times. Building plastic injection molds is our core strength at Elite. When we build an injection mold you can rest assured it will provide the quality parts you are looking for. Our in-house tooling department can provide class 105 prototype and class 104 low-volume production molds. We also utilize global tooling for certain projects if our customer is looking for the lowest cost alternative. For any high production needs please reach out to our sister company Elite Plastic Products.

Plastic injection molding services | custom mold | plastic parts

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Short-run plastic injection molding services is one of our core strengths. Since we specialize in lower volumes we can get your mold in a press much faster than in production facility. Our press tonnage range is 55 too 400 tons, so focus on small to medium sized parts. Additionally Elite offers a variety of other value added services. Elite Mold & Engineering is our prototype and low volume molding facility. For production plastic injection molding services visit Elite Plastic Products

Plastic injection molding services | custom molding | medical plastic parts

Automotive – Electrical connectors, wire  routers, battery connection, lumbar knobs, and luggage covers.

Power Products – Golf cart components, lawn mowers, and snowblowers.

Consumer Products – Audio speakers, appliance parts, and containers & lids.

Medical Cardio surgical robotics, radiation cancer treatment equipment, and cosmetic laser surgery products.

Marine-  Marine products for the boating industry.

Electronics and Robotics – Electrical terminals, connectors, and high polish robotic components.

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