Building Injection Molds


Injection molds are our biggest strength at Elite. When it comes to building plastic injection  molds the competition can not match our speed and quality. We are the best at providing top of the line high quality plastic injection molds. 

Elite has specialized in prototype/low-volume injection molds for many years and has proven to be one of the best in the industry. We are able to save our customers both time and money by providing aluminum and soft steel plastic injection molds for prototype and low volume projects. By using aluminum or a soft steel for the mold instead of a hard steel tool for prototype or low volume projects we can save up to 50% off your tooling cost. Not only is it less expensive, but by choosing aluminum your machine time will also be cut in half which means shorter lead times. With aluminum/soft steel molds you can even get production quantities on simple designs.

We are an excellent choice if you are trying to find a supplier for a quick turnaround project that involves getting pre-production parts before the production tool is complete. For simple open and close parts we can even provide parts in 3-5 weeks. This way you can have parts to fulfill your needs while you are waiting on production tooling to be complete. Also this will allow you to test your part design and ensure your assembly will work perfectly.

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Global Sourcing For

Injection Molds



Global Tooling
At Elite we have built long lasting relationships with many injection molding and tooling companies around the world . We are able to have injection molds built overseas to ensure competitive pricing. We also will qualify the injection molds  in the United States to our U.S. standards to guarantee quality  plastic injection molds.





Rapid prototyping is the ability to convert a 3D part design into a full prototype sample part in a short period of time. At Elite we are able to take our customers design and provide a quality mold and sample parts on certain projects within days.

Competitive Advantage


Cost savings

Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing than companies who build both production and prototype plastic injection molds.


With over 32 years of experience we have really seen everything. We know how to properly build a plastic injection mold for you that will last.


Since we do not work on production tooling we are able to move projects quickly through our facility. We cut weeks off normal lead times.


We are  ISO 9001:2015 certified. Elite truly believes in a high quality and clean working environment to ensure we provide the best products.