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Start To Finish Quality Control

Plastic injection molding is an involved process – from mold design all the way to production. We don’t simply look at the end result to see whether we’ve done it right; we do quality checks from the very start and monitor your project’s progress at every stage. By the time the product is completed and shipped, you can rest assured it has undergone several quality controls steps assuring that your part will meet all of your specific quality requirements. Additionally, our quality control steps allow our team to look for new ways to improve your product, potentially saving you time and money.


Quality Procedures

Elite Mold & Engineering is known for providing quality parts that follow ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485:2003 procedures. When placing an order with Elite Mold & Engineering you will automatically receive three piece dimensional layouts with your T1 tryout. Depending on your projects needs we can also provide up to a 4th edition PPAP approval. Once our customer approves the parts to their quality requirements then we are ready to start manufacturing. For every part-run we will match our first and last-shot to ensure a consistent quality molding process.


You Are As Involved As Much As You Would Like To Be

When you have a project in mind, you probably have an opinion or two about how it is completed. We see that as a good thing. In fact, we refuse to view customer solutions as one-size-fits-all and welcome any feedback you have. The result is an extra level of quality control. Your unique perspective and your company’s individual needs help shape our methodology from start to finish and help to ensure that the product we deliver you is of the highest possible quality. We offer design assistance to make sure that the product you design is built for plastic injection molding, while still meeting your product needs.


We Take Quality Seriously, However Big (Or Small) Your Project Is

Whether it is a class 105 prototype or a class 104 low-volume mold, we take quality control seriously. Our attention to detail allows us to take on small quantities under 100 pieces all the way to annul volumes under 35,000. If you are looking for higher quantities make sure to check out our sister company Elite Plastic Products.