Engineering & Product Development

With over 32 years of experience providing product development we have the knowledge to develop your ideas into a reality. Our engineers have injection mold  expertise and can assist with your design to create a manufacturable product. We provide injection molds that are made with design for manufacturing intent. This means when we build your mold we can guarantee it will produce quality parts in faster cycle times. Our product development team knows what goes into a perfect mold and will make sure it produces quality plastic parts. Elite has the capabilities to read all 3D CAD software files. We offer rapid prototype services for those who are in a time crunch and need quality plastic parts in the fastest lead times.

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P.E.G. Review


Before the start of mold build, we supply our Customer a  P.E.G. review for approval.
P – Parting line
E – Ejection pins
G – Gate location

By providing a P.E.G. Review we are able to make sure our injection mold design will fulfill our customer’s needs. The P.E.G. Review is a big part of our product development plan.

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Our quoting department is dedicated to providing accurate quotes in the timing you need. Before we can quote it is important to have a good flow of communication with our customers. To make sure our quotes are accurate it is important we receive a few things: 3D part files, 2D drawings, Material Specs, Production/Prototype Volumes, special finishing requirements, and inspection requirements. If you would like to submit an RFQ today please send over your information below in a zip file.

Assisted Design


At Elite we can provide you with design input to help improve design for manufacturing. Sometimes a part might have a great design, but is just not built to be plastic injection molded. We can use our expert knowledge to give suggestions on what will make the part manufacture better.

CAD & CAM Software

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MasterCam Level 1, 2, & 3 with Mold Plus
SolidWorks 2014 – Standard
SolidWorks 2015 – Professional and Premium
PowerShape 10 & 14
PowerMill 10 & 14
GeoMagic 3D Scanning Software
Cube-X 3D printer
HP DesignJet T770 plotter