Elite is a Plastic Injection Molding & Tooling Supplier For All of The Below Industries



Elite is located in Metro-Detroit Michigan and has been a supplier for the Automotive industry for over 32 years. Over the years we have seen many different types of parts in the automotive industry such as instrument clusters, overhead console, airbag covers, clips, connectors, and many more.

Automotive Supplier | Overhead Console | Plastic Part


During our many years of manufacturing we have came across a variety of custom parts. We are an established supplier for the medical industry.  Since the early 2000’s and have worked on both prototype and low-volume projects.

Medical Device Supplier | Plastic Injection Molding | Plastic Part Supplier


Over the years we have also established ourselves as a supplier consumer products. Elite is able to provide our customers with the best quality mold and molded parts to get to the market right away. At the present time we supply various consumer products such as: home entertainment devices, packaging, pet products, containers, and many more.

Consumer Product supplier | Container |Plastic part

Power Products

We are a supplier for plastic components on off-road vehicles, golf carts, lawn care products, and other power sport vehicles. For example a few of the power products we supply are: gas caps, instrument clusters, and accelerator pedals.

Robotics / Electronics

We have worked on many prototype projects for the robotics industry.  By providing design assistance we can make sure that the parts were built for manufacturing, so we could provide the best quality mold and parts. The electronics industry is one of our largest markets. Whether is wire connectors, wire troughs, or even electronic housings we have seen many different electronic components over the years.


Elite has also been a supplier for the marine industry on a few different occasions. We have provided our customers with quality plastic parts and injection molds. Some of the parts we produced were housing for bilge pumps, fishing pole holders, LED filled cupholders, and accelerator handles.