At Elite Mold & Engineering Short-Run Plastic Injection Molding is one of our Core Strengths


Elite focuses on plastic injection molding services for prototype and low-volume projects. In other words we can provide molding for quantities ranging anywhere from just 100 parts to 50,000 annually. As a result of focusing on lower volumes, we are able to free up press time get your parts running right away. Notably Elite has a reputation of being one of the fastest turnaround plastic injection molding companies.

Our plastic injection molding press size range is 55 to 400 tonnage. So we can assist with small to medium sized parts. We are very skilled at tight tolerance and highly dimensional parts.

Also Elite offers a variety of plastic injection molding value added services such as: light assembly, insert molding, pad printing, plating, and many more. Therefore Elite can be a custom injection molder for almost any project.

Our Parts are used in various industries

During our 35 years of plastic injection molding we have diversified to supply plastic parts for many different industries. For this reason Elite’s top five markets served are: Automotive, Medical Device, Consumer, Power Products, and Electronics. As result we are able to provide design for manufacturing knowledge on pretty much any part.

Even though we supply various markets the automotive industry is still our largest and we are dedicated to providing excellent services to all of our customers. Particularly we are very competitive on instrument clusters, electrical connectors, various housings, wire troughs, and clips. If you are interested in learning more please contact us and set up a tour of our facilities.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Engineers

Our highly skilled process engineers utilize scientific molding to ensure that your parts are on a turnkey solution. As a result you will have consistently high quality parts with fastest possible cycle time. Even though they might be prototype parts you will amazed at how well we meet critical dimensions and tight tolerances on what some might call “difficult parts”.

Even though we try and stay under 50,000 parts annually, our sister company Elite Plastic Products specializes in  medium to high-volume plastic injection molding and tooling services. So if you are looking to source a production program please reach out to Elite Plastic Products or one of our representatives and they can assist you.


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Prototype Parts

Rapid Prototyping is the process of quickly producing sample parts. At Elite we offer rapid prototyping to give our customers an advantage by reducing their lead time while still providing quality parts, even for complex designs. Quickly allowing us to provide quality plastic parts in the matter of days.

Additionally our parts are of such high quality that our prototype molds are often even used for pre-production parts. This allows our customer to test out the design and have parts in house before the production tooling is complete.

Scientific Molding

Elite’s plastic injection molding department is able to use the scientific molding process to reduce waste of material and time. Generally speaking scientific molding is a way of finding the perfect setup for plastic injection molding a part. As a result this will give you the fastest possible cycle time to create a high quality plastic part. Therefore scientific molding is important, because it gives our customers a turnkey solution if the molding is ever transferred to in-house.

Injection Molding Capabilities

At Elite Mold & Engineering we like to focus on small to medium size plastic parts. For this reason we provide plastic injection molding services for parts that can fit into a 35-400 ton injection molding press.

Additionally our molding department specializes on prototype and short-run plastic injection molding. In contrast if you would like to get a quote on production molding make sure to visit our sister company Elite Plastic Products.

If you are looking for a better understanding of our product range please visit our product gallery.