PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)

PPS is a high temperature semi-crystalline material. It has good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures. PPS has been compounded extensively and many different types of properties are available. PTFE filled PPS is one of the best bearing materials available. Unfilled grades of PPS have poor properties, so components are usually made from glass filled or glass/mineral filled grades. PPS is very sensitive to molding conditions and must be processed properly to achieve its maximum potential.

Applications: Hydraulic components, bearings, cams, valves and electronic parts



Capable of extended usage at 450° F
Good radiation resistance
Good solvent and chemical resistance
Excellent dimensional stability
Flame retardant
Low water absorption



Difficult to process (high melt temps)
High cost
Fillers required to obtain good impact strength
Attacked by chlorinated hydrocarbons

Tensile StrengthFlexural ModulusImpact StrengthMax Temp.Chemical Resistance
14,000-28,00 psi550,000-2,900,000 psi5-6 ft-lb/in notched izod450°-500° FGood to Great