Engineering & Product Development Value Added Services

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is a technique of quickly producing sample parts. With this service we can make sure you have sample parts ready as soon as possible.

P.E.G. Review

P.E.G. Review is a way of figuring out how design a perfect mold. P.E.G. stands for: Parting Line, Ejector Pin, and Gate Location. Before we begin developing your mold we will make sure to review where each part of P.E.G. should be located.

P.E.G. Review | Value Added Services | Parting Line Cavity Core

Design For Manufacturing Report

DFM Reports allow us to communicate with our customers how well their part design is built for manufacturing. In our DFM Report we will give suggestions on what might make to part better for manufacturing. This one of our value added services that can really help reduce costs.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold Flow Analysis is a software we use to determine how well the plastic will move throughout a mold. This helps us figure out exactly where some issues could be found with either shorts, sinking, or burning of a part. With mold flow analysis we can save time and resolve issues before the mold is even built.

3D Scanning

One of our value added services is 3D scanning which allows us to figure out exact dimensions of a part and convert measurements into 3D model right away.

Injection Mold Tooling Value Added Services

Project Management

Project Management is our ability to take a job from a 3D prototype design all the  way to a full production tool. Since Elite Mold & Engineering is our prototype facility we are able to develop your part up to production. When it reaches production our sister company Elite plastic Products specializes in molding high quality plastic parts at production levels.


Texturing is the process of a adding a certain pattern or feel to part. We are able to provide texturing to our molds to give your parts the surface you are looking for.

High Polish Finish

High Polish Finish is when the mold is polished to the point where mold is smooth with almost a mirror like look. This is very useful for a mold that is producing a part with a very cosmetic surface.

Asian Production Tooling

Asian Production Tooling, at Elite we have built close relationships with Asian tooling partners to provide production tooling at low costs. Elite will manage the project and even qualify the tool in the U.S. to our standards. This guarantees a high quality mold and low Asian tooling costs.

Plastic Injection Molding Value Added Services

Insert Molding

Insert Molding is when a metal component is inserted into the mold and then the part is molded around the insert. By using insert molding it allows us to skip plastic to metal assembly in some situations. This is a way of saving time and money on assembly costs.

Light Assembly

Light Assembly, Elite will provide some assembly services to make sure our customers are able to have a complete part. We tend to stay away from projects that involve a lot of time consuming assembly. By focusing on projects that only involve light assembly at most we are able to keep our operation running at full speed to meet strict lead times.

Heat Staking

Heat Staking is the process of bonding two components together with at least one component being plastic. This allows us to bond two separate parts together.

Sonic Welding

Sonic Welding is another way of bonding two parts together. Sonic welding uses high ultrasonic frequencies to bond separate parts together.

Painting & Plating

Painting & Plating are two services we do not offer in house but we do have partners that provide excellent painting & plating services. Painting and plating consist of coating plastic to get it a decorative look, for example chrome plating.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is a process of adding a 2D image to the surface of a plastic part. This is useful when producing plastic buttons, such as a overhead console buttons.