The automotive industry is our largest market at Elite Mold & Engineering. We have been an automotive supplier of injection molds and injection molded parts for over 32 years. Through the years, we have seen many different automotive plastic parts. Some of the parts we have been able to specialize in are instrument panels/clusters, overhead consoles, airbag covers, and electronic components.

We are a Tier 2 supplier that works with mainly Tier 1 companies and on OEM-directed work. Our close proximity to Metro Detroit allows us to meet with many of the Tier 1 and OEM suppliers on a weekly basis to discuss any current automotive projects. Elite’s highly skilled engineering department is able to utilize design for manufacturing knowledge to ensure high-quality automotive plastic parts. With our expertise, we can guarantee a quality mold built to fit your needs in the fastest possible lead time.

tooling injection mold

Tooling - Injection Molds

Our tooling department is what our company was founded on. We take pride in our ability to provide plastic injection molds that produce high-quality plastic parts. By utilizing aluminum and softer steels we are able to meet even the tightest of project timelines. Elite’s tooling and engineering department will work side by side with your team to ensure the best mold for the job. We can provide design-for-manufacturing and mold flow analysis to give you an idea of what the tool will produce. Along with projects involving new tooling, we also have the capability to make any engineering changes in-house if necessary. We are also able to review customer-specific tooling requirements and make sure we build a mold to fit your press if you just want us to qualify the mold and ship it to your facility. 

automotive plastic parts injection molding

Automotive Plastic Parts Injection Molding

Automotive plastic parts are the most common in our molding department. We work on prototype and short-run projects for the automotive industry. Our core strength is small to medium-sized plastic parts that fit in our 55 to 400 tonnage range. We have experience with many different automotive parts and have really excelled at providing instrument panels, airbag covers, electronic components, and overhead consoles over the years.

Elite also supports many different value-added services on a per-project basis, such as sonic welding, pad printing, light assembly, and adding custom textures. We will convert your 3D drawings into a quality mold and plastic part in no time.

Overhead consel

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

“Elite Mold and Engineering has always worked quickly, with reasonable pricing, every time I have dealt with them. They run a well-balanced and clean operation in the shop.”

European Automotive Parts Supplier

 “Elite has always done an excellent job of supporting us when prototyping parts.”