low-volume injection molding Services

Elite Mold & Engineering is perfectly set up for low-volume plastic injection molding projects. Our team is capable of building molds that will last for the entirety of your project’s lifetime and consistently produce the same high-quality parts. We offer all the molding services necessary to fulfill your production needs.

Whether you just need a quick bridge tool to provide production parts while a high-volume mold is being built or you would like us to provide production parts throughout the entire program, we are set up to do both. Our team is capable of providing all the necessary production requirements, such as a CPK study or PPAP qualification. We do in-process inspections during our production part runs to ensure that same part consistency and reliability. Along with our molding services we also provide molds that can run at our customers facilities that are built to their tooling standard. With Elite’s in house tooling department we are able to provide U.S. built plastic injection molds built for reliability and longevity. Additionally Elite also offers low cost country tooling as an option as well, where the molds would be built overseas but qualified in the United States.


Molding Services

Our current press tonnage range is from 55 to 390.

We are capable of providing molding services where over-molding or metal inserts might be required.

Additional value-added molding services are quoted on a per-project basis; including press fitting inserts, light assembly, and ultrasonic-welded inserts.

To help extend the lifetime of aluminum molds we also offer hard coating for your mold as an option.

In addition to traditional dimensional layouts and PPAP qualifications; Elite can also provide 3D part scans for low-volume production molds.

If you are looking for higher volume molding services please reach out to our sister company Elite Plastic Products, Inc. 


competitive advantage

Cost Savings

Since we specialize in prototype and low-volume we are able to give you better pricing than companies who build both production and prototype plastic injection molds.


With over 32 years of experience we have really seen everything. We know how to properly build a plastic injection mold for you that will last.


Since we do not work on production tooling we are able to move projects quickly through our facility. We cut weeks off normal lead times.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Elite truly believes in a high quality and clean working environment to ensure we provide the best products.
plastic injection mold
plastic made by injection mold
plastic product made from injection molding
plastic injection mold product

Advantages of Elite

COST SAVINGS – By utilizing soft-tooling we save timing on machining and pass those savings on to our customers.

KNOWLEDGE – We have been around since 1982, and our staff has the experience provide valuable input.

SPEED – We cut weeks off normal lead times, by specializing in quick turnaround projects and smaller quantities.

QUALITY – We are ISO9001:2015 certified, and have all the necessary equipment and personnel to ensure quality parts and accurate reporting.