medical Industry

Due to lower volumes and product development needs in the medical industry, we have seen a great strategic fit. We are able to pass on our manufacturing knowledge and cost savings to the medical industry.

By utilizing a softer material like aluminum or P20 steel, we are able cut and build our molds at a faster rate while still allowing us to achieve the same tight tolerance requirements. One way we are able to achieve some of the tighter tolerances is by staying steel safe in the mold. Staying steel safe refers to leaving extra metal in the mold in areas where a tighter tolerance or more difficult dimension to achieve is present. By leaving the extra material in the mold, you make it easier to complete any tuning or corrections based off dimensional results. Basically, it is a lot easier to remove steel and add plastic to the part geometry after the mold is complete, so staying steel safe is very helpful.

We have plenty of experience working with our customers in the medical industry through the design stage and providing valuable input on how to improve the concept to make it easier to manufacture. For more difficult and complex designs, we also can work with our customer to set up a mold-flow analysis report and a meeting to review any findings. If you have any questions about Elite’s capabilities or would like to have us get started on a quote, please reach out today!

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Dennis Hicks, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

“We engaged Elite Mold & Engineering to develop a prototype mold and provide a minimum number of molded components for an academic research project. The molded components are part of a potential future implantable medical device. Like many customers, I suppose, we had a need for first prototype molded parts in a short time span. Elite was able to understand our technical needs and provide a timely quote. They followed up with reviews prior to mold construction. The build / tryout / approval and first article phases of the project went according to the schedule they indicated. Sample parts were dimensionally inspected and documented. They quickly followed up with our limited production runs. In summary, we were able to achieve the goal of having injection molded parts ready for use within about 60 days, as they estimated. I would have no problem recommending Elite Mold & Engineering for molding services.”