Elite Mold & Engineering provides state-of-the-art injection molding and offers a wide variety of other thermoplastics value-added services. Our molds are built with production in mind, and we will provide functional molded parts that can be used for either testing and development or even as production parts. We have served a variety of markets, including automotive, medical, consumer, power products, robotics, electronics and the marine industry.


prototype injection molding

Elite specializes in soft tooling, which works perfectly for providing prototype plastic injection molding services. By utilizing aluminum tooling, we can keep costs down while still allowing your team to review molded prototype samples.


low-volume injection molding

Do you need production parts but are having a hard time finding a supplier to assist you since the volumes are low? Low-volume molding projects are actually a great fit for Elite. Both our molding and tooling departments are filled with skilled workers who are knowledgeable about production requirements.


High-Volume Injection Molding

Have a big project or program coming up and need a qualified molding source? Our production division, Elite Plastic Products, has been providing both molding and tooling services since 1995, with a focus on medium- to high-volume projects.

CNC Machining

cnc machining

Are you looking to test out a new design and think getting a CNC machined part might be the best route? Elite has 10 CNC machines ready to help out. We have both three-axis and five-axis CNCs in-house that are able to provide low-quantity machined samples.