Elite provides custom plastic parts for many different consumer products. We have supplied parts for home entertainment systems, plastic containers, pet feeding trays, and many more great products. With our product development knowledge, we have been able to develop ideas into quality consumer products. We will use our quick speed to help make sure your product is the first to the market.

With over 32 years of experience providing product development, we have the knowledge to develop your ideas into a reality. Our engineers are injection mold experts and can assist with your design to create a manufacturable product. Our molds are built with production intent, so the tool design will provide a great blueprint on how to build a high-volume mold as well. By utilizing our soft tooling, we are able to keep the start-up cost down while still allowing your team to qualify your design and even test out how it will do in the marketplace without having to invest in a more expensive production mold. 

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