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At Elite Mold & Engineering, we try to ensure the success of every injection molding project by addressing any design issues well before production is underway. Our integrated prototyping and product development services bring any potential issues to light, while also providing rapid turnaround for redesigns and new product iterations.

Equally as important is our 40+ years of experience in manufacturing injection molded products for many different industries and unique applications. Elite’s engineering experts know a good product design when they see one, we know how to quickly spot all of the common issues, and we know how to address them with a more robust, manufacturable, and/or cost-effective solution.

The Most Common Design Issues and Mistakes for Injection Molded Plastics:

Obviously custom injection molding is a complex process. The quality and repeatability of the end product requires extremely careful consideration in product design, material selection, and production processes. Addressing the following common design issues helps ensure overall part quality while also improving manufacturability and potentially reducing your production costs.

Part Warping

Warpage happens when different sections of the molded part cool at different rates, causing the plastic to bend or warp. There are several ways we attempt to minimize part warpage:

  • We try to achieve a uniform wall thickness throughout the part.
  • Where possible, we incorporate ribs or gussets to add structural support.
  • We can also incorporate fillets and radii to minimize stress concentrations.
  • We precisely adjust gate locations to facilitate even material flow into the mold and cooling after injection.

Sink Marks

Sink marks are shallow depressions or indentations on the surface of the part caused by variations in cooling rates of the plastic material. A few ways we try to prevent sink marks include:

  • We carefully maintain consistent wall thickness to ensure uniform cooling.
  • We can adjust gate location and size to modify the flow of molten plastic.
  • We will sometimes increase injection pressure and temperature to improve material flow and fill the mold completely.


Flashing occurs when excess material escapes from the mold cavity, resulting in thin fins or protrusions along the parting line. There are several ways we reduce injection molding flash:

  • We may increase tightening on the mold clamp force to prevent material leakage.
  • We ensure precision of the mold sections and all components.
  • We carefully select draft angles in the part design to facilitate easy ejection from the mold cavity.
  • Our mold designs integrate proper venting to allow trapped air and gasses to escape, further preventing flash.

Short Shots

Short shots occur when the mold doesn’t completely fill with molten plastic material. That leaves room for voids or incomplete sections in the final part. To avoid short shots we can make a few adjustments to the production process:

  • We will sometimes increase injection pressure and temperature to improve material flow.
  • We carefully optimize the gate size and location to ensure proper material distribution within the mold.
  • We might increase shot size or cycle time to allow more time for filling the mold if required.

Weld Lines

Weld lines occur when two or more flow fronts meet and join together. The lines can be aesthetically displeasing, and they can also create weak points in the part. To minimize weld lines we make several careful adjustments:

  • In product design we try to avoid abrupt changes in part thickness or geometry to prevent weld lines from ever forming.
  • We precisely set the gate locations and part geometry to promote a single, uniform flow of material.
  • We will sometimes increase temperature and injection speed to encourage material fusion and further minimize the risk of weld lines.


Undercuts are features or geometries that prevent the part from being ejected from the mold in a straight pull direction. If your part requires undercuts, we can make several unique accommodations:

  • We may utilize side-actions, slides, or lifters in the mold design to help smoothly inject the part.
  • If required, we provide secondary operations like post-mold CNC machining services to achieve the required undercut geometry.

Ensuring the Success of Your Low-Volume Injection Molding Project

Elite Mold & Engineering has remained one of Michigan’s leading plastic injection molding companies since 1982. Based out of Shelby Township, our end-to-end manufacturing process is uniquely set up to deliver the rapid response and quick turnaround, specifically for low-volume runs. Committed to superior American manufacturing quality, our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered manufacturer.


By utilizing domestic tooling, you can benefit from improved communication with your tooling vendor. No more late-night meetings or waiting days for a response from an overseas vendor. Instead, with both parties in the same or similar time zone, you can ensure timely communication that aligns with your schedule. Moreover, this approach allows you to save valuable time and money on travel expenses for potential tryouts.

Confidentiality & ITAR

When working on a highly confidential or new design, where getting to the market first is crucial, confidentiality becomes an absolute necessity. By partnering with a domestic U.S. supplier that possesses complete in-house mold construction capabilities, you can have greater confidence in the security of your data, knowing that it will not be shared without your knowledge. This is particularly essential for government projects that require ITAR data protection, making the utilization of a domestic tooling vendor a mandatory requirement.

No Additional International Shipping or Tariff Cost

With a domestic tooling supplier, you can avoid additional charges such as international freight, customs, and tariffs. The savings on shipping costs can help offset the price differences between low-cost country tooling and domestically built options. Furthermore, by choosing domestic suppliers, you can avoid delays caused by mold transportation via ocean freight or costly airfreight shipments. Saving both time and money is made possible with a domestic tooling supplier.

Qualification All In One Place

When constructing and qualifying a mold, it is essential to possess prior knowledge of any modifications or tuning that have already been undertaken. By opting for domestic mold construction, your chosen provider can ensure that they possess a comprehensive understanding and documentation of all prior work completed on the mold. This facilitates a more efficient problem-solving process and enables effective troubleshooting of potential flaws.

Let Elite Become Your Preffered Domestic Tooling Partner

Elite Mold & Engineering has been crafting top-notch plastic injection molds domestically in the United States for nearly four decades. Our talented team of experienced designers and skilled professionals in the Tooling Department are dedicated to constructing robust, high-quality, and efficient molds tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

Discover the multitude of benefits when you choose a domestic tooling source. With our expertise, experience, and commitment to quality, we provide a multitude of key advantages that will streamline your operations. Our local presence ensures seamless communication, offering you the convenience of direct and efficient collaboration. Elite’s stringent quality control measures guarantee precision and reliability, delivering top-notch tooling solutions tailored to your specific needs. Also, by choosing a domestic source, you support local businesses and contribute to the growth of your community. Our quick turnaround times ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, enabling you to meet even the tightest project deadlines. Embrace the numerous advantages of a domestic tooling source and watch your productivity soar.