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At Elite Mold and Engineering, we’re committed to continuously expanding our capabilities through strategic investments in new injection molding systems and state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technology. Our facility’s most recent machine acquisition is the Shibaura EC85SCIII – an all-electric injection molder that offers our customers higher speed, higher precision, and greater flexibility for their projects.

Precision Injection Molding with Faster Cycle Times and Longer Tool Life

We installed the Shibaura EC85SXIII injection molding machine to take advantage of its rapid production speeds and dry cycle times, as well as a multitude of features designed to provide better repeatability and an extended service life from the mold tooling.

As we discuss below, all-electric machines offer a number of advantages in speed and precision by design when compared to their hydraulic counterparts. However, Elite’s new EC85SCIII setup integrates some uniquely innovative features of its own which will further enhance our contract manufacturing services and rapid injection molding (RIM) capabilities.

Machine Highlights, Features, and Specifications:

5-Point Toggle Mechanism for Even Load Distribution

The EC95SCIII features a unique 5-point toggle mechanism that is precisely angled to evenly distribute force across the machine’s platen. By keeping load distribution equal, we can further assure the quality of your custom molded plastics while minimizing defects and rejected parts.

Extended Service Life of Mold Tooling

The 5-point toggle mechanism’s even force distribution has the added benefit of extending the service life of the mold and tooling. There’s simply less stress and variance introduced into the system, which also minimizes overall machine maintenance.

Integrated Strain Gauge Automatically Adjust Tonnage

A strain gauge is integrated into the tie bar mechanism to monitor force in real time and make automatic adjustments. As opposed to some hydraulic machines which are only capable of pressing at a constant force, our Shibaura setup can provide on-the-fly adjustments to ensure the optimum force is applied at all times.

Grease-Free Tie Bars and Busingless Guides for Rigidity and Precision

Many conventional injection molding machines use bushings and greased slides within their drive systems, introducing the risk of contamination while also requiring complex machine maintenance. The EC95SCIII utilizes friction-free linear guides instead of tie bar bushings, as well as within the injection unit, thus ensuring smooth, accurate injection speed, highly precise back pressure control, and the ultimate level of repeatability for plastic molded parts.

The Advantages of an All-Electric Injection Molding Machine:

  • Increased Accuracy and Repeatability for Molded Products – Modern hydraulic injection molding machines, while incredibly advanced and precise, still rely on complex hydraulic systems composed of numerous pumps, valves, and hoses, valves and pumps. All of those components working together to control fluid dynamics means there is always a chance of slight variance in results. In contrast, all-electric injection molders are equipped with computer-controlled servo motors – every movement is digitally monitored and controlled with precision.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Despite what the name may suggest, all-electric injection molding machines are relatively energy-efficient when compared to hydraulic options. The complex hydraulic systems actually require more energy to actuate, and they can’t be completely turned on/off instantly like electric systems. At Elite, energy-efficient machines and processes are just a small part of our commitment to sustainable injection molding services.
  • A Cleaner, Cooler, Oil-Free System – The oil that powers conventional hydraulic injection molding machines adds an additional layer of complexity and potential uncleanliness on the factory floor. Even small oil leaks can lead to contamination and/or unsafe working conditions, requiring immediate maintenance and downtime. All-electric injection molding machines forgo the use of complex hydraulic pumps and pressurized oil systems. Additionally, hydraulic molding machines generate substantial heat and thus require constant cooling. That causes the oil to degrade over time, so you have to perform potentially messy oil changes in the factory. All-electric machines naturally run much cooler and therefore eliminate the use of oil-cooling systems.

Quality American Injection Molding Services for Custom Plastics

Elite Mold and Engineering is one of the nation’s leading injection molding companies and additive manufacturing specialists. We’re constantly expanding our production technology and machine capabilities to better serve both low-volume and high-volume projects alike. Based out of Shelby Township, Michigan, our company is an ISO 9001:2015 registered American manufacturer.


By utilizing domestic tooling, you can benefit from improved communication with your tooling vendor. No more late-night meetings or waiting days for a response from an overseas vendor. Instead, with both parties in the same or similar time zone, you can ensure timely communication that aligns with your schedule. Moreover, this approach allows you to save valuable time and money on travel expenses for potential tryouts.

Confidentiality & ITAR

When working on a highly confidential or new design, where getting to the market first is crucial, confidentiality becomes an absolute necessity. By partnering with a domestic U.S. supplier that possesses complete in-house mold construction capabilities, you can have greater confidence in the security of your data, knowing that it will not be shared without your knowledge. This is particularly essential for government projects that require ITAR data protection, making the utilization of a domestic tooling vendor a mandatory requirement.

No Additional International Shipping or Tariff Cost

With a domestic tooling supplier, you can avoid additional charges such as international freight, customs, and tariffs. The savings on shipping costs can help offset the price differences between low-cost country tooling and domestically built options. Furthermore, by choosing domestic suppliers, you can avoid delays caused by mold transportation via ocean freight or costly airfreight shipments. Saving both time and money is made possible with a domestic tooling supplier.

Qualification All In One Place

When constructing and qualifying a mold, it is essential to possess prior knowledge of any modifications or tuning that have already been undertaken. By opting for domestic mold construction, your chosen provider can ensure that they possess a comprehensive understanding and documentation of all prior work completed on the mold. This facilitates a more efficient problem-solving process and enables effective troubleshooting of potential flaws.

Let Elite Become Your Preffered Domestic Tooling Partner

Elite Mold & Engineering has been crafting top-notch plastic injection molds domestically in the United States for nearly four decades. Our talented team of experienced designers and skilled professionals in the Tooling Department are dedicated to constructing robust, high-quality, and efficient molds tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

Discover the multitude of benefits when you choose a domestic tooling source. With our expertise, experience, and commitment to quality, we provide a multitude of key advantages that will streamline your operations. Our local presence ensures seamless communication, offering you the convenience of direct and efficient collaboration. Elite’s stringent quality control measures guarantee precision and reliability, delivering top-notch tooling solutions tailored to your specific needs. Also, by choosing a domestic source, you support local businesses and contribute to the growth of your community. Our quick turnaround times ensure that you stay ahead of the competition, enabling you to meet even the tightest project deadlines. Embrace the numerous advantages of a domestic tooling source and watch your productivity soar.