On-Demand 3D Printing and Plastic Injection Molding Services

Speed and flexibility are more crucial than ever throughout the modern manufacturing space, and the injection molding industry is no exception. Due to the rapid turnaround and high level of product customizability expected in many markets, on-demand 3D printing services are increasingly intertwined with plastic injection molding.

In many ways, 3D printing perfectly compliments the injection molding process: today’s additive manufacturing systems offer much simpler setup and lighting-quick turnaround conducive to small runs, custom prototyping, and iterative design. Then, when it comes time to ramp your project up into production, 3D printed part designs typically translate smoothly to injection molding, thus streamlining the entire process.

On-Demand 3D Printing Services for Just-in-Time Manufacturing

The term “on-demand” in the context of 3D printing means that we manufacture your custom parts immediately after receiving and reviewing your product files. Your parts will be printed to your exact specifications and delivered in rapid order, minimizing your lead times along with all logistical complications.

Forget the limitations of traditional manufacturing models where large batches of products are produced in advance and stored in inventory – Elite Mold & Engineering offers a much leaner, more sustainable solution.

Essentially, our on-demand additive manufacturing services are designed to remove all barriers that stand between you and your finished parts or prototypes – including your time and cost commitments.

Combining on-demand additive manufacturing with injection molding gives you:

Minimum Lead Times and Rapid Turnaround – By drastically simplifying the design/development process and producing only the exact number of products you need, our 3D printing services offer much shorter lead times and much quicker turnaround than you can find with most traditional manufacturing methods.

A Streamlined Path to Production – Going further to get your project off the ground as fast as possible, our 3D printing services are integrated seamlessly with our injection molding capabilities. Bringing your product ideas to market has never been simpler – whether you’re transitioning to low-volume injection molding or full-scale, high-volume injection molding.

A Rapid Prototyping Solution – On-demand 3D printing and injection are absolutely ideal for rapid prototyping projects. With additive manufacturing, iterative design is streamlined and condensed, with substantial savings in both cost and time realized with each iteration. In prototype injection molding, we optimize the tooling by fabricating aluminum or softer steels like P20 to produce a low-volume mold as quickly as possible. In both cases, your upfront costs and turnaround time are substantially reduced.

Easy Customization – On-demand 3D printing combined with specialized low-volume injection molding makes it easier to customize your parts throughout the prototyping and product development process. Because our processes are so lean and integrated, we can quickly and easily make design modifications and provide new samples for testing or proof of concept. That means that your final products will be exactly what you want and truly optimized, rather than compromised to accommodate subpar manufacturing methods.

On-Demand Manufacturing Services from Michigan’s Leading Injection Molding Company

Elite Mold & Engineering is Michigan’s leading low-volume injection molding company offering on-demand 3D printing services. Established in 1982, we’re backed by more than 40 years of delivering the rapid response and quick turnaround that gives our customers an edge in their respective markets. Committed to superior American manufacturing quality and customer service, our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered manufacturer.

Published: November 28, 2023
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