The Advantages of Partnering with a Low-Volume Injection Molding Specialist

What if you only need a small number of injection molded products as a proof of concept, or to fill a limited niche? Whether you’re looking for low-demand custom molded parts, or if you simply need to bridge the gap to full-scale production, specialized low-volume injection molding is often the most efficient solution to these challenges.

However, there’s a big difference between low-volume and high-volume injection molding. It’s usually not just a matter of running fewer cycles or turning the presses off earlier in the day. The process is uniquely set up for lower quantities of products, the mold tooling is specifically built for low-volume production, and even the machines/presses that we use can be quite different.

As a low-volume injection molding specialist, Elite Mold & Engineering takes full advantage of the process to manufacture each customer’s products as quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably as possible.

A quick rundown of Elite Mold & Engineering’s low-volume advantages:

  • Lower upfront cost for tooling and production setup.
  • Faster startup time and rapid turnaround.
  • Optimized for custom product development projects that require subsequent design modification.
  • Also ideal for injection molded prototyping projects.

Some of the Benefits We Can Offer to Low-Volume Injection Molding Runs:

Mold and Tooling Cost Savings

Injection molds and tooling for low-volume runs can often be fabricated faster and cheaper than high-volume production molds. Because the service life of the tooling will be limited, we can use aluminum or softer tool steels. That makes machining the molds much easier, minimizing your costs and substantially reducing lead time.

At Elite Mold & Engineering, we specialize in prototype and low-volume injection molding runs – we don’t just complete them on the side. Therefore, we’re generally capable of providing better pricing than manufacturers that primarily build production molds for high-volume projects.

Quick-Response Rapid Injection Molding (RIM) Services

A major benefit of low-volume injection molding is the exceptionally fast turnaround time. Lead times are reduced because the molds used in injection molding can be produced relatively quickly and easily – including further design modifications for additional iterations of the products. Our designers and engineers can quickly test and refine their custom mold designs, which is crucial for efficiently serving low-volume projects.

Since low-volume molds can be produced much more quickly, the actual products themselves can be manufactured with much quicker turnaround. Rapid injection molding (RIM) services are crucial for low-volume projects which may require numerous additional short runs, or quick retooling for different versions of products. Product reengineering and testing are all much easier processes when you slash the required production time for each iteration of the product.

Also Optimized for Prototype Injection Molding

Elite Mold & Engineering also specializes in prototype injection molding which we optimize in many of the same ways as our low-volume production runs. In prototype injection molding, the tooling is likewise often fabricated aluminum or softer steels like P20. Upfront tooling costs and turnaround time are both substantially reduced.

A low-volume injection molding specialist is the ideal choice for delivering quick-turnaround contract manufacturing solutions. As an example of the general timeframe, we can often provide simple open-and-close parts in three to five weeks. Our rapid-response prototyping and small-run services are designed to get your product iterations in hand as fast as possible to streamline the ongoing development process.

Quality American Injection Molding Services for Low-Volume Projects

Elite Mold & Engineering has proudly remained one of Michigan’s leading low-volume injection molding companies since 1982. Based out of Shelby Township, our facility is uniquely set up to deliver the rapid response and quick turnaround that will give your products an edge in their respective markets. Committed to superior American manufacturing quality, our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered manufacturer.

Published: August 21, 2023
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